Healthcare Providers Registration

Healthcare providers Registration


Visiting Professor Program


Healthcare providers are facing challenges due to the competition and the increase of operations expenses. One of the biggest challenges is to attract Professional experience Doctor keeping in mind the high cost of it as well as the varieties in the specialty. Kaizen Medical Management has established a visiting professor program that to support healthcare providers with medical profession on a visiting scheme

The advantages of this program is:

  1. Enhancing the healthcare services
  2. Introducing a new sub specialty to the community
  3. Minimize the cost of full time Doctors
  4. Attracting more patients
  5. Minimize of patients travels outside your country


Healthcare facility Registration

  • All applications are treated with extreme confidentiality
  • Due to the differences in Association Professional agreement between healthcare and Doctors you will be provided with the contract condition upon choosing services


Please provide any other information that would be of assistance to us and the doctors

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Declaration: I hereby declare that the details furnished below are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I undertake to inform you of any changes therein, immediately.

In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I am aware that I may be held liable for it.

I hereby authorize sharing of the information furnished on this application with the Healthcare provider that I have accepted


If you have any inquiry regarding the program please fill the following form and we will contact you regarding you questions:


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