Medical Projects Business Plan and Feasibility Study

In Kaizen, we develop feasibility studies with to clarify the way for the entrepreneurs to ensure their growth and stability.

Feasibility studies include

  • Studying the idea of the project (vision, mission and objectives) and everything related to the initial details
  • Statistics regarding the medical sector in general
  • Studying competitors in terms of strengths and weaknesses
  • Studying services and comparing prices
  • Studying the available opportunities for the project
  • Studying current and future challenges
  • Studying the market and determining objectives
  • Setting an annual budget for expenses and expected income
  • Comprehensive financial study for five years, including the budget and the expected budget of the project

Many projects fail because of the absence of a comprehensive feasibility study, which will represent -in all stages- the roadmap for the institution to protect itself against risks, and to avoid financial and administrative stumbling.