Human Resources Consultancy

Challenges of human resources differ from a facility to another depending on the size and age of this facility, as in many cases some wrong behaviors become fixed and permanent systems. Therefore; it is a great challenge for any HR department to modify such behaviors or change them.

in Kaizen, we work on the structure of human resources regardless of the size of the establishment, as all employees and enterprises need to have a practical and effective management system to ensure the development of the institution. This is done through:

  • Creating a clear and accurate information about employees
  • Organizing and developing laws and regulations
  • Determining job descriptions and tasks for employees
  • Setting a career ladder for salaries
  • Regulating rewards and penalties laws
  • Clarifying staff assessment policy
  • Conflict Management

We also manage the salaries of staff in a monthly basis according to the laws and regulations written in the contracts of employees.

Many facilities face problems regarding the vagueness of work mechanism that achieves the principle of utilizing the available human resources in a way that ensures improving productivity, and sometimes it would be difficult to balance between the required duties of an employee and his deserved rights.