Healthcare IT Solutions – Sehatek

Kaizen  has developed its own software -Sehatek- which supports the following services:

  • Medical records
  • Opening files and taking appointments
  • Patient record; the diagnosis and the doctor’s note on treatment
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Insurance
  • Invoices

Unlike other similar software; Kaizen’s is easy to use, and it has many tools which make it easy to reach general reports that help in making decisions through using the available technology.

It is impossible for any organization that keeps in pace with the developments in the labor market today to accomplish its administrative tasks efficiently without having a software that organizes its tasks and facilitates the process of documentation and coordination between its different departments, therefore; the reliance on technology is one of the most important elements of excellence and success, and the medical sector has a huge part in this field as it does provide an effective methods to serve the patients and the facility, cut the expenses and ensure accurate information about every single treatment case in the facility.

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