Most of the training programs provided by Kaizen Management have the support of Tamkeen, in this page; we will guide step by step you on how to enroll in such courses using Tamkeen support.

Who Can Receive Tamkeen Support?

  1. Bahraini citizens only.
  2. Private sector employees only.

Step 1: Log in using you Tamkeen “Enterprise Account” by clicking here, if your workplace does not posses an account you can register by clicking here (this will require visiting a branch of Tamkeen to confirm the registration).

Step 2: Your homepage should appear to you. go to “For Your Employees” section and then select “Training and Wage Support”.

Step 3: Click on “Trainings”. If you have not added your employees then you can do this by clicking on “Employees” first.

Step 4: Now the registration page will show up. You can fill it as the following:

  • Employees: you can select one or more employees that are registered on Tamkeen website.
  • Course: you can write the course name or alternatively you can write the training provider name (i.e. Kaizen) and then choose from the list the appears to you.
  • Training Provider: select the available training provider (Kaizen).
  • Justification: write about why the registered employee needs to enroll in this course.

Then; check the terms and condition box and click submit.

Step 5: You should receive a notification SMS/Email from Tamkeen to confirm your application. Please wait for a few days for Tamkeen to review the application and approve it.

When Tamkeen approves the application, you have to revisit the previous page (Trainings), at the bottom of the page you will see “Enrolled Trainings” Table,  click “Actions” near the approved training program and then select “Request” from the menu so the training provider can accept your registration.